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After a rather long and semi-interesting introduction dealing with Shackleton's family life and his attempts to raise money for the expedition the movie really kicks off when the expedition starts. Awesome scenery and high jinxs on the seas and ice as the shipwrecked crew survive almost 2 years in horrendous conditions without one death. Although the movie misses out on the problems landing on Elephant Island, much of the essence of the boat trip to South Georgia (eg running out of freshwater) and the boatwreck there and glosses over the very dangerous trek across South Georgia, it does accurately reflect what happened to the expedition. Perhaps some narration would have put a better perspective on the times involved in the different locations and what happened to many of the crew, death in WW1, and what happened to the Ross Sea boat, 10 men marooned in the Antarctic for 20 months. Otherwise pretty awesome and very accurate. See the film and read the book.
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