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SEX AND THE CITY SEASON 3 EPISODES 1 2 3 4 and 5 (2001)
Where There's Smoke: The girls head to Staten Island for the New York City Fire Department's "Calendar Contest." Samantha eyes a dream hunk; an ageing politician makes the moves on Carrie; Charlotte declares that this is the year she will get married; Miranda thinks that being rescued is a sign of weakness. Politically Erect: Carrie consummates her relationship with Bill, who reveals a secret fantasy; Charlotte throws a "used-boyfriend" party. Samantha meets a diminutive bachelor, who is fabulous between the sheets. Miranda wants a deeper relationship with Steve. Attack of the Five Foot Ten Woman: Carrie spots Mr. Big and Natasha's wedding announcement in the paper; Samantha treats the four friends to a day at a spa; Charlotte is inhibited about disrobing in the steam baths; Miranda has a new, Ukrainian cleaning lady. Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl: Carrie finds out that her new boyfriend has had relationships with both sexes; Charlotte takes part in a photo shoot; Samantha stands up to Matt, her new male assistant; Miranda begins to feel suffocated by Steve's presence in her apartment. No Ifs, ands or Butts: Carrie tries to quit smoking; Charlotte's new boyfriend turns out to be a lousy kisser; Samantha dates Chivon, an African-American; Miranda realises she needs to put more effort into her relationship. Are We Sluts?; Aidan is waiting until the "right time"; Charlotte's new man is unpleasantly talkative in the sack; Samantha and her nocturnal visitors get blamed when an apartment building gets robbed; Miranda contracts a STD.
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