Two Or Three Things I Know About Flicks
20th Century Flicks Ltd
19 Christmas Steps
Opening Times: 1pm til 8pm, 7 days a week.
Contact Us: You can see inside our shop BY CLICKING HERE.Call us on 0117 925 8432. To find us LOOK HERE. Email us at Or, if you like you can follow video shop ravings on Twitter, or on Facebook.

Our Collection: Twentieth Century Flicks is known for taking its wide selection of film seriously, treating our shop as a genuine library, and we have a collection of over 19,000 titles on DVD to prove it. We never get rid of older titles as they become less commercial, but keep them for your benefit.

The Flicks Kino: We now have a beautiful little cinema you can hire to watch films in with your friends. It costs £60 per movie and seats 11 people. If your movie is much longer than 2 hours please let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate you, though an additional charge may apply. You can hire it out at 10.30am, 1pm, 3.30pm and 6.30pm. After-hours screenings 9.30pm (The Night Owl) are now available, and cost £100. Discounts are available when you either book a kino after your screening, or pay for several up front. Details are on the booking page. You can book the cinema here.

Rental Times and Prices: Our films & discs from TV series' are £2 each for 7 days (due back before 10pm, same day the following week). These titles revert to £1.00 per day if not reurned on time. Brand new titles are £4 and are due back before closing time 3 days later. They're charged at £2 everyday after that, so please be prompt! If you know in advance that you will need a film for longer then speak to us and in the majority of cases we can negotiate a better deal. We also run a loyalty card scheme, so your 10th movie is FREE!

Postal Service: You can now rent DVDs by post! This is a service designed for people who live too far from the shop for regular visits. It costs £12 for 3 movies including all postage costs and is available on all 7-day titles. You can sign up to the Postal Service over the phone or by emailing us. It'll only take a couple of minutes!

VHS/MiniDV Digitising Service: If you have any home movies stuck on an old format (like VHS, DV/MiniDV, Hi8, etc) then we are able to transfer them onto DVD or simply a file for your computer. We offer competitive rates and a speedy, high quality service.

Joining: It's FREE! To join up be sure to bring with you a recent proof of your Bristol address (like a phone bill) and a signature (such as a debit card).

Videotapes: We keep a collection of 3,000 Videotapes of films that have not been released on DVD. If you need a video player, we keep a couple in the shop you're welcome to borrow free of charge with your rental.

Wheelchair Access: Due to restrictions imposed by the Christmas Steps, access is problematic. If you have any mobility problems in accessing the shop, please phone ahead and we will make every effort to ensure that you are able to take full advantage of our services.

How can you help us? Please let us know of any wear and tear on the DVD's or Videos we rent or sell to you. Please return the products in a reasonable time or keep us informed. Please return display covers to roughly where they came from.