Subscriptions to and Postal Rentals from 20th Century Flicks
We now offer subscriptions to the video shop, priced to accommodate well-wishers and seasoned renters. As well as being great value, the regular income will allow us to thrive far into the future so your childrens' children will be able dig that video shop vibe! At the bottom is a link to let you rent via post. It costs £12 for 3 movies including postage.

The Tommy Wiseau: For £3 per month you get 1 new release or 2 7-day titles a month. If you're not local, you get our gratitude and the offer of tailored recommendations via telephone or email, saving yourself trawling the internet or watching films you wish you hadn't bothered with.

The Cassavetes: For £5 you get 2 new releases or 4 7-day titles a month, or a mix of the two. This will save you 3 quid!

The Agnes Varda: For £10 you get 4 new releases, 8 7-day titles a month, or a mix of the two. This saves you 6 quid!

The John Ford: For £20 you get 8 new releases, 16 7-day titles a month, or a blend of both to the same value. This saves you 12 quid!

The Cecil B Demille: For £30 you basically get to rent whatever you like, whenever you you like. You also get 20% off any standard Kino booking. This represents a saving of around a million pounds.

You can subscribe to any of these options by clicking the Paypal link below. Standard rental periods and overdue charges apply. You can cancel the subscription at anytime via your Paypal account. Thank you!

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Or, to rent by post click below and contact us when you know what you'd like!