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  • 19997
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  • Running time:
  • DVD=86 min.
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  • Canada.Britain.
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  • English.

Robot Overlords promises much and partially delivers - a brisk, fast paced frothy little adventure that doesn't slow down long enough to dwell on the fact it doesn't always make a great deal of sense. The premise is basic but has many possibilities - three years ago the Robots invaded Earth and the human populace are now quite literally confined indoors. People who venture outside are met who strict instructions to return to their home or face annihilation (ED209 style). An intrepid group of youngsters aim to fight back and it's their story we follow - a strange mash up of Falling Skies and The Goonies without being as satisfying as either. The young cast are solid enough, supported by the likes of Ben Kingsley (ace) and Gillian Anderson (underused). The effects are good for this kind of fare with the robots themselves looking pretty impressive and carrying an air of menace. The general exuberance and imagination carries things through even though it's sometimes difficult to know exactly who this is aimed at - being often rather juvenile for an adult crowd while at others being slightly adult for the younglings. Ultimately it's worth a watch for a decent slice of sci-fi fun whilst perhaps not living long in the memory.

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