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Certification18 Our Rating

Keanu Reeves plays a hotshot young lawyer (and he's not half bad, either!) in this curious cocktail of courtroom thriller and occult chiller. Fresh from the Southern states to start a plum new job in a high-flying New York practice, young Keanu foolishly fails to recognise that jovial new boss Al Pacino is, in fact, none other than the Prince of Darkness. This despite a trail of diabolically obvious clues which are all but written in blood for him. The wildly unbelievable plot drags on for just find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

The follow-up to the astounding ‘Paradise Lost’. More and more, especially forensic, evidence comes to light that the non-existent case against the 3 is just that. Much of the film focuses on the prime alternative suspect, the step-father of one of the murdered children, a dangerously barking Church-going redneck, but the rightwing local state bureaucracy don't want to know, they've already got their man (sorry children). Damien, Jason and Jessie have matured visibly in prison, with Damien perha find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

TIn 1993 the naked and mutilated bodies of three 8-year-old boys where found in a shallow creek near the sleepy redneck Arkansas town of Robin Hood Hills. The ensuing police investigation soon focused on three local teens who dressed in black, had vaguely non-Christian beliefs and enjoyed heavy metal music. A rushed investigation and the pitiful court case that followed were all filmed with unprecedented access by a HBO documentary crew who came to believe that the three suspects were victims of find out more...