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Certification15 Our Rating

In 1970, a young farmer named Michael Eavis opened his 150-acre farm to 1,500 people who paid one pound each to watch a handful of pop and folk stars perform all weekend long, and the Glastonbury Festival was born. Julien Temple has spent the past few years collecting footage from every single Glastonbury Festival, ranging from outtakes from the film Nicolas Roeg made about the 1971 event to amateur home videos collected from the attendees themselves. Interweaving images of impromptu art happeni find out more...

CertificationU Our Rating

A beautiful elaboration of a Senegalese folk tale; Kirikou summons himself from his mother's womb, only 10 cms tall, but walking, talking, questioning and quickly setting out on a quest to defeat the wicked sorceress who has cursed his people. Kirikou is a beautifully rendered tale with African art as its benchmark and using a flat two-dimensional look. A delight for the children and one that us older, saggier ones can enjoy as well. find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

20 years after the end of the violent 1980s Peruvian Civil War a young woman tries to come to terms with the gang rape of her mother. Repelled by men and traumatised through the improvised folk ballads her mother has sung her, it is not till after her mother's death that she ventures beyond her mountain top village to take a job in Lima.
Both poetically and with magical realism 'The Milk of Sorrow' artfully deals with the sociological and psychological consequences of war and the slow find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

On the eve of her wedding the beautiful opera singer Malvina is mysteriously killed and abducted by the malevolent Dr Droz. Felisberto, an innocent piano tuner, is summoned to Droz's secluded villa so that he can service the doctor's strange musical automatons and little by little he learns of Droz's plan to stage a "diabolical opera". The Piano Tuner Of Earthquakes is the breathtakingly beautiful second film from the brothers Quay, a strikingly original fairytale. find out more...