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BIG EYES (2014)

Certification12 Our Rating

We follow American artist Margaret Keane , who, in the 1960s, allowed her husband Walter to claim credit for her artwork, believing that a female artist could not find success through painting. The Keanes acquired huge amounts of wealth through her work; However, when they later became separated, Margaret announced to the world that she was in fact the true author of the paintings, sparking a long and painful legal battle between the estranged pair.

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Certification15 Our Rating

Christy Brown was an Irish cerebal palsy victim who overcame his severe handicap to become a talented painter and author with just the use of his left foot. Daniel Day Lewis is totally and utterly convincing as Brown - using method acting he became Brown and his thoroughness makes the film a great one. find out more...

CertificationE Our Rating

A mesmerizing deconstruction of the man, his life, his loves, his humanity and their influence on a painter who stands not only as a genius but as the greatest artist of the twentieth century. Covering Picasso's early childhood in Spain towards the end of the nineteenth century up to his death in the South of France in the 1970's this is the definitive film biography of the great man. find out more...
POLLOCK (2000)

Certification18 Our Rating

From the New York art scene of the 1940s to the heady heights of international adulation a stunning drama about one of the foremost artists of the latter half of the Twentieth Century. Such a volatile, passionate and influential character as Pollock has always been ripe for dramatisation and Ed Harris has achieved a mesmerising film, both in front and behind the camera; powerful, touching and damn it... educational! find out more...