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Certification12 Our Rating

Before 'I am Legend' there was 'The Omega Man' and before 'The Omega Man' there was 'The Last Man on Earth' - the first adaptation of Richard Matheson's cult novel. Vincent Price stars as the lone human routinely barricading his house at night while scouring the city for vampires to stake by day. After three years of post-apocalyptic desperation, of fruitless radio messages, of mourning both the loss of his family and the failure of his work as a scientific researcher to cure 'the plague', he is find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Milla Jovovich is a super human assassin at war with a human world that doesn't take kindly to her sort. Sent on a mission to protect a young boy it's not long before we find out just how superior she is. Though 'Ultra Violet' is at the lower end of the budget scale there are still some pretty stylish action set pieces. OK so the plot leaves something to be desired and every time someone opens their mouth it all gets a bit hammy, but as a CGI fight and chase flick it pretty much fulfils its remi find out more...