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Certification12 Our Rating

An absurd, but highly entertaining, tale of a humanoid alien crash landing in 8th Century Norway, losing his dragon-like captive and allying with a bunch of locals to fight off said dragon, whom seems to have taken a fancy to both devastating Viking villages and consuming human flesh. find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

12-year-old Brendan lives in an isolated monastery where the master illuminator St Aidan arrives and requires him as an assistant to help finish the magnificent Irish classic bible, the Book of Kells. But to help him do this Brendan must embark on a dangerous quest into the forest to find some gall nuts.
A magnificent Oscar-nominated animation tale replete with hand-drawn animation, a history of Celtic art lesson and a wonderful fantasy adventure. find out more...

CertificationU Our Rating

Kitsch classic, shot in glorious Technicolor with amazing special effects that bagged it three Academy Awards for technical brilliance. A romantic fantasy adventure, following the deposed King of Bagdad, who's been thrown into a dungeon where he meets Abu, the best thief in all of Bagdad. Together they escape and set about a series of adventures that involve a Djinni in a bottle, a mechanical flying horse, an all-seeing magic jewel, a flying carpet and a beautiful Basra princess, who's betrothed find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

One-Eye is a mute slave of great physical strength who breaks free of his captors and, with his child colleague Are, sets off on a journey that takes him across the sea through a near endless fog to a strange new land that is not the Promised Land they seek. There are shades of Herzog here, hints of Malick, maybe even Tarkovsky, the landscapes are terrific, the photography awesome and the score engaging. 'Valhalla Rising' has been variously hailed as 'unbearably self-important', 'a masterpiece find out more...