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Certification15 Our Rating

For Nick, Kurt and Dale, the only thing that would make the daily grind more tolerable would be to grind their intolerable bosses into dust. Quitting is not an option, so, with the clarity of thought brought on by a copious amount of alcohol these three clueless friends decide the only answer is murder. A good cast, indulging themselves to the upper echelons o find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

A cat and mouse hostage drama as one of New York's finest negotiates with a bank heist gang who've seized a bank, with military style precision, and are demanding a getaway plane. Things are not that straightforward, though, as the reptilian owner of the bank seems rather over concerned with the discovery of whatever's been stashed in his private deposit box and is hiring a fixer to intervene. And what are the motives of the leader of the gang? One of the best suspense thrillers of recent years find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off! A classic sixties comedy/thriller with Michael Caine and a bunch of Brits blagging a big Italian bank. Lots of style action, laughs and a superbly choreographed car escape sequence. find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

Definitely THE film of 1995, with the added bonus of bearing up to repeated viewing even when you know the final twist. A tightly scripted, complex and compelling whodunnit which slowly unpeels layer upon layer to reveal the truth behind the opening carnage, and in which nothing is as it seems. find out more...