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BORAT (2006)

Certification15 Our Rating

How can something so wrong feel so right? Just one of the questions you are bound to ask if you decide to make the leap of faith and watch this film. Kazakhstan's favourite TV journo decides that a trip to the "U, S and A" is just what his country needs so he heads off with his trusty producer, Azamat. Absolutely hilarious; the Pamela Anderson stalking, the cheese-eating, the ‘running of the Jew', a Pamplona-style event in Borat's village, the gypsy-tear-collecting, the rodeo crowd cheering Bora find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

All twelve episodes from the first series of the classic satirical puppet show. No target was safe from the series' gunsights: Margaret Thatcher and her cabinet, the opposition, the Liberals, Ronald Reagan, the Pope and the Royal Family could all find themselves up for a painful ribbing on any given programme. The series was worked around the current week's news stories and featured a number of famous impressionists, including Chris Barrie, Rory Bremner, Phil Cornwell, Steve Coogan, John Culs find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker offend everyone from the neo-conservative Bush administration to the Hollywood liberal mouthpieces as they set about defending the world from villains, despots and anyone else who offends their gung-ho sensibilities. So it's goodbye to the reds, the mullahs and the bleeding heart liberals – bye-bye Paris, bye-bye the Pyramids, and bye-bye WMD toting Arabs. Team America is a work of utterly over the top genius, crass, tacky, neon-lit, pom-pom-waving find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Seth Rogen and James Franco made a stupid movie about North Korea because no one stopped them. With the assistance of Lizzy Caplan (who is occasionally funny) the duo journey to North Korea to kill Kim Jong-Un. It's not even really that it's an offensive film - though it may offend some - it's more that it's just a really bad film. And by that I meant boring, sloppy and not at all entertaining. But there are at least some rather good 'James Franco is a twatty TV show host' style scenes.

find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

In the crumbling society of the near future a young drifter discovers that aliens from another dimension are controlling the Earth through mind control. Armed only with bubblegum, special sunglases and a sub-machinegun he takes on the evil invaders. find out more...