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Certification12 Our Rating

An artful documentary about the life of Daniel Johnson, singer/songwriter, artist, cartoonist and general artistic genius, but a man sadly afflicted with a severe mental illness that makes him totally self-delusional and an occasional danger to both himself and others. Daniel, raised in a Christian fundamentalist family in deepest West Virginia, amongst many of his fantasies, sees Devils everywhere, and with his overblown self-importance, not helped by his legions of admirers, vying with his low find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

A revealing documentary, comprising archive footage of his life and interviews with friends, family and fellow musicians, about the boarding-school boy who grew up abroad, did the hippy art-school thing, embraced Ladbroke Grove's '70s squat scene, cut his hair, fronted The 101ers and The Clash, appeared in a bunch of hip movies and then became a standard-bearer for world music. find out more...