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Certification12 Our Rating

Michel Gondry's mainstream hollywood comedy is an excellent family film and genuinely funny. Hapless Jerry (Jack Black) magnetises his brain whilst sabotaging the local power plant and wipes out the content of the videos at the independent video store where his best friend Mike (Most Def) works. The two hatch a plan with hilarious success to fox customers by remaking the films, and a cult of "sweded" films sweeps the town.... But is it enough to save the shop from redevelopment? find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

When low budget indie Jewish Deep South melodrama ‘Home For Purim' gets the potential Oscar nod the cast and crew, some of them blindly naïve in the glare of the fickle empire that is ‘Hollywood', are swept along by the resulting hype and frenzy. Christopher Guest gets the gang back together for another gently satirical mocumentary side swipe; clever, witty and beautifully performed ‘For Your Consideration' is a typically charming and understated gem from the people who brought you, and for the find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

Witty, sickening, fast and above all, controversial. Benoit is a killer, but he does it with style and a smile. Filmed as a documentary, with the crew following Ben on his spree this is at times some of the cleverest spoof material ever filmed. Remarkable and original, but not to everyone's taste. find out more...