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Certification18 Our Rating

Friendship is put to the test in this story of love and loyalty in Hell's Kitchen, New York. Alison Folland plays Claude, the skateboarding teenager who slowly comes out as gay in a homophobic urban environment. Her feelings are confused by her best friend Ellen who sinks deeper into drug abuse and self destruction. When there's a murder in the neighbourhood, Claude has to choose between loyalty for Ellen or her own instincts. A coming-of-age film debut by Alex Sichel. find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Based on the real life misdventures of Jackie Prey, tattooist and frontwoman of the working class LA band Clamdandy, this is an all-out estrojam, heavy on the drama with great performances. Gershon leads the team as the bisexual Jackie accompanied by 'Sopranos' moll Drea De Matteo as a strung out trust fund baby and Lori Petty who queers it up as the band's 'too sweet' drummer. The story has to be true because no one would believe that so many tragedies could befall one group of people but behol find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

Compilation of archive footage from 1919 to the present, from both documentary and fictional sources, set to music, illustrating the huge changes in LGBTQ life in Britain (mainly England) over the 20th century.

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