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Certification12 Our Rating

GYPO (2005)

Certification15 Our Rating

When young Romany Czech refugee Tasha comes into the life of working-class British housewife Helen they are instantly drawn to one another, but this is a story that weaves three narratives through the same events and while there is connection and understanding there is also hate and suspicion. Gypo is an intimate, impassioned and gritty observation of our ever changing society. find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

This honest and affecting documentary uses news reports, archival footage and talking heads to describe the politics of the gay rights movement surrounding the election and assassination of openly homosexual San Franciscan councillor Harvey Milk. The movie concentrates on the emergence of a gay political movement within the electoral system, the 1978 fight against Proposition 6, which would have banned gay and lesbian individuals from teaching in schools, and the scandalously low sentence given find out more...