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Certification15 Our Rating

1. Luther, still plagued by the death of Zoe faces a serial killer wearing a Punch mask and tries to rescue an old acquaintance's daughter from the dangerous world of drugs and prostitution.
2. Luther must rescue Ripley before Cameron sets out his final murdering piece; schoolkids that are set to be dumped and gassed. Meanwhile, Jenny's ruthless and vengeful boss is demanding compensation for stealing her protege.

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CertificationPG Our Rating

Set within the vibrant dancehalls and low-life hang-outs of 1940s Paris, ambitious young actress Jenny, her covetous, piano-playing husband/manager Maurice Martineau and their devoted confidante Dora Monier attempt to cover one another's tracks when a sexually ogreish high-society business acquaintance is murdered. Enter Inspector Antoine whose seasoned instincts lead him down a circuitous path in this classic whodunit murder mystery. find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

Long the bane of American filmmakers the Motion Picture Association of America, the body that rates film content, is the target of this spot-on investigative documentary. The big questions raised are: 1) WHO are the anonymous 'raters', the so-called arbitors of American morality, and 2) why is there a distinct difference between how studio films are censored and how indie flicks are? Through interviews with indie directors such as John Waters, Kimberly Pierce, Atom Egoyan and Kevin Smith, we get find out more...