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AILEEN (2007)

Certification15 Our Rating

Two disturbing but insightful documentaries of Aileen Wuornos, infamous as America's first female serial killer. The first of Broomfield's films deals with Wuornos while on death row awaiting her execution and paints a sympathetic picture of an undeniably damaged human being. The second film looks into the torturous childhood that created the ‘Monster', and together the two documentaries raise some worrying questions about the validity of the American legal system and its close association with find out more...
MONSTER (2003)

Certification18 Our Rating

Aileen 'Lee' Wournos had had enough of hooking and enough of life when she met Selby Wall in a Florida bar in 1989. She took Selby to be her saviour, her new reason to fight and to live. But in the hours before their second date Lee is forced to literally fight to live. As writer/director Patty Jenkins takes us on Lee's journey from kill to kill we find her motives to be bound up in a complicated web of love, fear, revenge, desperation, defence and loathing. Christina Ricci conveys the naively find out more...