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AKIRA (1987)

Certification15 Our Rating

2019. The Earth is on the brink of destruction, Tokyo shimmers with post-punk fetishism, gangs of cyberpunk bikers and rioting crowds are on the streets of the post-atomic city. The scene is set for comic-book ultra-violence in this remarkable animated nightmare of hyper-reality. find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

300 years in the future, after man has obliterated the planet, survivors eek out a living in the shell of a once great city wedged between a sentient, threatening forest and the war-like Ragna. Teenage Agito stumbles across a cryptogenic pod and awakens the sleeping beauty Toola, unleashing a chain of events that will change their lives for ever.
An animated eco yarn. find out more...
SKY BLUE (2007)

Certification15 Our Rating

In the year 2140, mankind's reckless exploitation of the environment has sparked a planet-wide catastrophe that has shielded the sun from view and all but ended human civilisation on earth. Only a small number of elites possessing power and technology have been able to thrive, building a magnificent, organic city named Ecoban. find out more...