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Certification18 Our Rating

An experimental bio-weapon is released turning thousands of people into zombies and, as the multiplying horde of frenzied crazies approach, a dangerous outlaw named Wray, a sexy stripper named Cherry, an unscrupulous smuggler named Abby and the curiously incapacitated Dr Dakota Block, amongst others, must try to escape to a place untouched by the nightmare. The B-movie reinvented, "Planet Terror" is a considerably more successful attempt at homage to the American drive-in Grindhouse cinema than find out more...
TEETH (2007)

Certification15 Our Rating

A genre defying little oddity from writer/director Mitchell Lichtenstein that follows the story of Dawn, the teenage spokesperson of a high school chastity league, whose burgeoning sexuality reveals a unique (and voracious!) anatomical anomaly. find out more...
THE EYE (2002)

Certification15 Our Rating

Mun has been without sight since she was a young child so, when the opportunity for a transplant that will restore her vision arises, she leaps at the chance. At first the surgery appears to have been a success, but it soon becomes horrifyingly clear that all is not as it seems, particularly when she becomes aware that the image of herself that she now sees is not her at all. Mun becomes obsessed with the need to find out whose eyes it is she now sees with, but the truth is a horror beyond her m find out more...