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CertificationU Our Rating

A respectable, sincere film of Robert Bolt's literate play, with Scofield as Sir Thomas More, endorsing the divine right of the Pope over and above his King, Henry VIII, who wishes to divorce Katherine Of Aragon and marry Anne Boleyn. Watch out for Orson Welles in a marvellous cameo as Cardinal Wolsey. The film won 6 Oscars. find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

From the director of "Mrs Brown", a wickedly witty romantic romp, taking some light-hearted liberties with the lovelife of England's most celebrated playwright. It's 1590, and young Will Shakespeare is suffering from a chronic case of writer's block, whilst trying to finish his latest work "Romeo And Ethel The Pirate's Daughter". But Will (a conveniently gorgeous Joseph Fiennes) finds himself newly inspired when he falls madly in love with wannabe stage star Viola De Lesepps (Paltrow), whose det find out more...