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Michael Anderson had the bright idea of collecting hundreds of stars together way before Robert Altman thought of it and here they all are, in glorious technicolour. Niven is suberb, as always, as the impeccable Fogg who, for a wager, tries to circumnavigate the globe in 80 days! Hop on a sailing railroad across The West! Be attacked by fierce prairie Indians! Rescue a Princess in India! Sail a burning Atlantic paddle-wheeler! Fight bulls in Spain! Romp through Paris! Won Best Picture at 1956 Ac find out more...

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Humphrey Bogart is Lt. Commander Queeg, the skipper of the minesweeper Caine, who, when involuntarily relieved of his command during a violent typhoon, brings his officers up on charges for mutiny. Nominated for seven 1954 Academy Awards - including Best Picture and Actor (Bogart) - and co-staring Jose Ferrer. Van Johnson and Fred MacMurray the Caine Mutiny is an gritty adaptation of Herman Wouk's Pulitzer Prize novel. find out more...
TITANIC (1997)

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James Cameron confounded his critics by bagging no less than 11 Oscars for his $200 million baby, the most commercially successful movie ever made. An epic disaster movie and tragic love story rolled into one, the casting of DiCaprio and Winslet as star-crossed lovers Jack and Rose ensure the film's youthful appeal, while the stark upstairs-downstairs contrast between the ill-fated passengers provides a little social commentary. But the secret of Titanic's success has to be its awesome technical find out more...