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Certification18 Our Rating

You wake up one morning and there's nobody around, Yipee! But hold your horses there buddy, the world has been wiped out by a lethal virus and you are just one of a few struggling survivors doomed to save the remnants of a bleak post-apocalyptic world. 28 Days Later bares much similarity to 'Day of the Triffids' and Boyle's use of digital camera adds to the generally spooky and occassionally terrifying atmosphere. An originally directed, solidly acted and effective cushion-grabbing horror......n find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Shaun is a man about to get very familiar with his thirties and he's not pleased, a crap dead end job, a social life that revolves in its entirety around his local, a girlfriend, who's beginning to realise he's as tragic as he knows he is, and a best mate who's the only person in his insular universe who, comparatively, makes him look like he's got his act sorted. What Shaun needs is an outbreak of flesh eating zombies to get his priorities in perspective and, as a luck would have it, his neck o find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

With its radical rewriting of a genre in which good had always triumphed over evil, Romero's first feature shattered the conventions of horror and paved the way for the subversive visions of directors like David Cronenberg, Tobe Hooper and Sam Raimi. The film's opening scene immediately signals its own subversiveness. In broad daylight, a brother and sister visit their father's grave, a tall man lumbers toward them, Johnny tries to frighten Barbara with a daft Boris Karloff impersonation, but su find out more...