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Certification18 Our Rating

Ning Tsai-Shen, a humble travelling tax collector, arrives in a small town, but, the inns all being full, he ends up spending the night in the haunted Lan Ro temple. There he meets Taoist swordsman Yen Che-Hsia, who warns him to stay out of trouble, and the beautiful Nieh Hsiao-Tsing, with whom he falls in love. Unfortunately, Hsiao-Tsing is a ghost, bound for all eternity by a hideous tree spirit with an incredibly long tongue that wraps itself round its victims and sucks out their life essence find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

Based on the novel by Truman Capote. A brilliant romantic comedy about a young girl, Holly Golightly, who is determined to marry into money, but discovers that her next door neighbour has more important qualities! find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

Lalita is a feisty young woman from a respectable, traditional Indian family, Mr Darcy is a charming, wealthy American abroad, when the two meet it's contempt at first sight, but this being a romantic comedy first impressions swiftly give way to mutual attraction, all be it one based on relentless verbal parry and misunderstanding. Bride and Prejudice is a contemporary Bollywood, Hollywood reworking of Pride and Prejudice, complete with dance numbers. Easy going, good-natured fluff. find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

When the young John Whittaker, heir to the English family estate, falls in love with, marries and brings home glamorous and brash American racing car driver Larita, his family's reaction is anything but friendly. As tensions rise, formalities, along with the strength of familial relations, become strained. Finally, a shocking secret is revealed that shakes the very foundations of the newlyweds' marital bliss. An enjoyable comedy about class and social standing in the 1920s, 'Easy Virtue' is yet find out more...