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Certification18 Our Rating

Terry Gilliam's ambitious adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson's insane, cult novel is certainly faithful, but whether it hits the spot or not is another matter. Johnny Depp, as Hunter's journalist alter-ego Raoul Duke, has the guy down to a T in every way, while Benicio Del Toro is suitably deranged as his lawyer and partner-in-crime Dr Gonzo. But the pair's 1971 working trip to Las Vegas, which rapidly becomes a drug-crazed, three day odyssey of utter madness, is so relentlessly weird that this is find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

Harold and Kumar take a trip to Amsterdam, but unfortunately Kumar's attempt to join the six mile high high club goes astray when his smokeless bong is mistaken for a bomb and our heroes are arrested and transported to Guantanamo Bay. Escaping from there the pair take a road trip across America looking for help, on the way having many hilarious laugh-out loud adventures, including the discovery that George Bush is a secret stoner. find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Harold is just your average Korean American, Kumar is just your average Indian American, both labouring under ignorant cultural preconceptions of the way that they should behave. But Harold and Kumar have an escape, they get stoned, very, very stoned. It is on one such evening that our two unlikely heroes get the urge for a 'White Castle' burger and so begins a road trip of nightmarish proportions where every mishap that doesn't immediately spring to mind, springs on them. Harold And Kumar Get find out more...