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CertificationU Our Rating

A strange adaptation of H G Wells' account of the sights we might have seen had mankind managed to get to the moon in 1899. The movie has a dated 'modern' take on the story, involving a UN mission to the moon to investigate the claims of the eccentric fin de siecle astronauts, which duly encounters the aliens they were warned about: the Selenites. The main attraction is still Ray Harryhausen's animated beasties, although the effects are somewhat clumsy, even for the day. Lionel Jeffries gives an find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

JJ Abrams reinvents Star Trek and the cast, going back in time to before Captain Kirk run a ship when he was a young, brash, arrogant, opinionated genius. The designs are immaculate, the characters engaging and this hugely budgeted sci-fi action adventure is high in entertainment - a renegade Romulan from the future wreaking revenge on the Federation with the use of a black hole! A must watch. find out more...