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ALIEN (1979)

Certification18 Our Rating

Much imitated but never equalled, this is the definitive space nightmare. The crew of a commercial spacecraft are stalked by a stowaway, mutating monster of veracious appetite. Weaver puts in a splendidly believable performance as the resourceful Ripley. Taut script and awesome special FX. find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

Arnie is the leader of a tough bunch of professional soldiers down in Central America sorting out a little problem for Uncle Sam. An unexpected hitch is the hunter, an alien sportsman who'd like Arnie's head for his trophy wall! A great action movie - Alien meets Rambo!!! find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

An American scientific expedition stumbles across a long-buried UFO and it's extraterrestrial occupant in the ice of the North Pole. When they dig it up and take it back to their camp for study they unwittingly wake the creature from its hibernation. The original sci-fi paranoia trip based on the short story 'Who Goes There' by John W Campbell and later updated in glorious fashion by John Carpenter as 'the Thing'. A must for fans of the latter's ooze-fest. find out more...