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Certification15 Our Rating

Yuri Orlov had a dream, not you average dream mind, because Yuri dreamed of becoming a successful arms dealer. Many years later Yuri has achieved this dubious ambition and is living the high life, but even though the need for his particular talent continues to expand Yuri is beginning to have doubts, his conscience increasingly prodded by a relentless law enforcer, his younger brother and a hitherto oblivious but now horrified wife. Lord Of War is at its heart an action thriller, which tries har find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

Jim Wormold, a vacuum cleaner salesman, is short of money, his 17-year-old daughter has reached an expensive age and so he accepts Hawthorne's offer of $300-plus a month and becomes Agent 59200/5, MI6's man in Havana. To keep the job, Wormold pretends to recruit sub-agents and sends fake stories, but these stories start to becoming disturbingly true. Based on the novel by Graham Greene, this was the final collaboration between him and director Carol Reed, whom had previously worked together on T find out more...
SPECTRE (2015)

Certification12 Our Rating unrated

Certification15 Our Rating

Rafael is an ambitious, seductive man, he likes attractive women and elegant clothes, he works in a big department store and has turned the Women's Section into his own domain. Rafael aims to become the new sales manager, but when his main rival to the post, Don Antonio, dies after a 'heated discussion', the only witness to the event, the dreadful Lourdes, an obsessive shop assistant, doesn't hesitate to blackmail Rafael into becoming her lover, husband and slave. Rafael despairs as he sees his find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

Certification15 Our Rating

In the impoverished mountainous Las Hurdes region of Spain the locals are desperate for income to keep their villages alive and hope that the chance discovery of a cave might provide the lottery ticket to a tourist industry. Two professional cavers arrive, one with girlfriend in tow, and this sets off a series of events, including rape and murder, that embroil several of the characters that we have met. Life is absurd and events can be random in a world where we all wear self-serving blinkers. A find out more...