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CertificationPG Our Rating

Phyllis Dietrichson is trapped in a loveless marriage to a man who inspires in her nothing but contempt, but rather than leave him Phyllis decides to kill him and collect on the insurance policy she's had set up with the help of her lover, and naive partner in crime, insurance salesman Walter Neff. The only flaws in their plan are the company's reluctance to pay out so much, the diligence of Neff's increasingly suspicious colleague, (and his 'little man'), and the exemplary ruthlessness of Ph find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Ghost Dog is an assassin, but what sets him apart from his fellow killers, apart from his lethally effective abilities, are his many character traits including communicating by carrier pigeon and following the warrior code of the Samurai. His occasional employers, the comically inept local mafia, place a contract on him so Ghost Dog, strictly following the way of the Samurai, sets about turning the tables on his hunters. "Ghost Dog" is a hip, offbeat, thriller with all the usual quirks and humou find out more...