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Certification15 Our Rating

A large rubber-tree plantation is owned by a French colonist in 1930s Vietnam. Eliane is a proud but imprudent woman, who lives with her father and her native adopted daughter Camille.

Camille runs off with mum's lover, gets married to another guy and goes on a long journey across the country to find the man she really loves. In between she discovers her Vietnamese identity and becomes an independent person.

Shot in stunning locations, a seductive romantic epic!

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CertificationPG Our Rating

Huge epic, set during the heyday of Republican Rome, in all its ostentatious glory. The story details the purchase and selection of slaves, the harsh discipline and routine of the gladiators' school, the new comradeship balked by the realisation that a gladiator must kill or be killed. Then the film really comes into its own with the superbly staged revolt and escape, led by the slave who, with his unlikely army, holds the Roman army at bay for four years. Magnificent, masterful....a classic! find out more...