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Certification15 Our Rating

Transfer (1966), Cronenberg's first film, is a surreal sketch of a doctor and his patient. From the Drain (1967) finds two men in a bathtub, which may be part of a centre for veterans of a future war. Stereo (1969), Cronenberg's first official feature film, stunningly shot in monochrome, concerns telepaths at the Institute for Erotic Enquiry where patients undergo tests by Dr. Luther Stringfellow. In Crimes of the Future (1970) Cronenberg worked in colour and with a find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

Caitlin Moran called this series 'The best thing about Britain in the 21st Century' in The Times. Decide for yourself whether this rather depressing accolade is true or not in these episodes of Dr Who:The Christmas Invasion, a 2005 Festive Special episode, it's Christmas Eve, but this is to be a far from silent night - the cruel Sycorax have come to Earth to enslave mankind and, as ever, only The Doctor can stop them. Unfortunately, he's lying in a coma in Jackie's home...New Earth; as Rose Tyl find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

On Christmas Eve Donna is about to marry her boyfriend Lance, but finds herself transported aboard the Tardis. The alien Empress of Racnoss watches closely from the throne in her spaceship as the Doctor tries to get Donna to the church on time, somehow Donna is the key to an ancient plot to destroy the Earth. This Christmas special bridges the second and third series. The disc includes Music and Monsters, an hour long behind the scenes look at The Children In Need Doctor Who concert, presented b find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

Season two of the frankly barking adventures of Bender and friends. find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

Taking its cue from Chronicle (2012), Project Almanac is part of the "found footage" sci-fi phenomenon sweeping contemporary teen cinema. A group of friends discover time travel and use it to have a lot of fun; rewriting their entry into the high school popularity charts, partying without wasting time, acing tests and getting even with bullies. But, as science would have it, every action has its equal and opposite reaction. Soon the 'jumps' become a desperate attempt to rewrite the rewrite. G find out more...