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One of the most stylish and successful epics to emerge from the Hollywood-on-the-Tiber phase of film history. Quinn plays Barabbas a man literally marked with the blood of Jesus, whose spiritual/physical journey begins at the Crucifixion and, after a period in the sulphur mines, ends in the Roman gladiator arena, where he tries to win his freedom and confront his inner demons. find out more...
BEN HUR (1959)

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One of the most spectacular epics of all time, even by the standards of Hollywood, the famous twenty minute chariot race alone took three months to shoot, and, along the way, Ben is given a helping hand and converted by Jesus. An unmissable slice of movie history. Won Best Picture at 1959 Academy Awards. find out more...

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The sequel to The Robe continues the story of Demetrius, the Greek slave turned gladiator fighting for his faith against fellow swordsmen, wild beasts, an evil temptress, the infamous Caligula, Messalina and Claudius. Demetrius and the Gladiators has everything one could wish for in a biblical epic and at 96 minutes it won't take up too much of your weekend. find out more...

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Interminable and intolerably reverential rendering recreation of the life of Jesus Christ, from birth to death and supposed resurrection. find out more...
THE ROBE (1953)

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A Hollywood biblical epic and the first film to be filmed in Cinemascope. The robe in question being the one Christ wore on the cross, the story focuses on the centurian Marcellus, winner of the garment in a wager, and the profound effect it has on his life. find out more...