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Certification15 Our Rating

It's six months after the initial infection and the U.S. army have restored order and are slowly bringing British citizens back to a quarantined London, where a heavily guarded community is picking up the pieces and trying to return to normal life. Into this precarious situation come Andy and Tammy, a brother and sister who were lucky enough to be on a foreign school trip when the virus originally broke out. Reunited with their father, Don, they learn that their mother perished in the first few find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

George Romero's classic horror satire gets a rather more serious modern day makeover, resulting in a genuinely frightening addition to the zombie genre. The plot remains fairly true to the original, portraying a world where all the seats around Satan's dinner table have been filled, forcing the recently departed to walk the earth instead. Only this time they don't walk, see. They run. And it is this subtle change that moves this film from gory satire to an edge-of-the-futon suspense horror, as a find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Shaun is a man about to get very familiar with his thirties and he's not pleased, a crap dead end job, a social life that revolves in its entirety around his local, a girlfriend, who's beginning to realise he's as tragic as he knows he is, and a best mate who's the only person in his insular universe who, comparatively, makes him look like he's got his act sorted. What Shaun needs is an outbreak of flesh eating zombies to get his priorities in perspective and, as a luck would have it, his neck o find out more...