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Certification15 Our Rating

With over two years of investigation, including the collection of a million and a half words of interview transcript, 'Standard Operating Procedure', from director Errol Morris, is the story behind the infamous photographs taken by US soldiers in Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison. Not as interesting or revelatory as you might hope, and hamstrung as Morris is by the fact that most of those interviewed aren't that bright or able to verbalise why they did what they did, and are only clear that they were hun find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

A rather ridiculous documentary in which Morgan Spurlock visits Egypt, Morocco, Israel, the Palestinian territories, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Pakistan all in the name of tracking down the great jihadist himself. He concludes that the people in these countries are, just like himself and the audience, ordinary people, not fiendish terrorists. Unfortunately Spurlock is no Michael Moore when it comes to do doing populist liberal politics, enuff said. find out more...