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Certification15 Our Rating

Much imitated but never surpassed first film in Sergio Leone's iconic trilogy starring the 'man with no name' as a nomadic loner who rides into a small border town ripped apart by two feuding crime families. Brilliant, stylish, bloody and proof that Europeans make better Westerns than the Americans! find out more...
DJANGO (1965)

Certification18 Our Rating

One of the finest Spaghetti's in the west! Banned for 25 years, it has lost nothing of its hard-edged impact. The gringos are bad and the law are worse! The hero, Django, dispenses justice from a smoking Gatling gun, and sounds like a dubbed Clint Eastwood. Absolutely superb! find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Second in the famous series of spaghetti westerns and quite brilliant it is too. Those long lingering shots, the clink of spurs, the scratching sound of hands dragged across unshaven chins and above all THAT music... What more could you ask for in a western? find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Leone's superb all-encompassing epic portraying the death of the mythical 'Wild West'. A superb cast, the collaborations of Bertolucci and Argento, and Morricone's brilliantly atmospheric score all add to the incredible style and weight of Leone's creation. A true cinematic masterpiece! A candidate for greatest movie ever made, if you haven't... then you must. find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

The best of the spaghetti westerns as our three heroes form short lived alliances to try and find some hidden gold during the Civil War. The music, those long low angled shots and the tall silent men - wonderful! find out more...