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No Image for 101 REYKJAVIK
Certification18 Our Rating
Himir lives at 101 Reykjavik and though fast approaching thirty he has yet to leave the comfort of his mothers home or indeed the ease of social security, but the arrival of his mother's lesbian lover and impending fatherhood are about to put a sizable spanner in his hopes for eternal slackerdom. 101 Reykjavik is a quirky and hipply hedonistic black comedy, driven along by some pretty twisted premises and a central character who is an irredeemable and apathetic git pretty much to the end. find out more...
No Image for FALCONS
FALCONS (2002)
Certification12 Our Rating
Simon arrives in Iceland, the birth home of his mother, with little on his mind other than the simple desire to end his life, But his meeting with the young free-spirited Dua, who may or may not be his daughter, gives Simon a new lease of life. Escaping from the law with a rare Falcon, the two pitch up in Hamburg and the conclusion to their sudden, unexpected and reckless odyssey. From the director of Cold Fever, Falcons is a visually ravishing, subtle and mesmerising observation of human natur find out more...
No Image for JAR CITY
JAR CITY (2007)
Certification15 Our Rating
A small girl dies of a genetically inherited brain condition and an ageing pervert is killed in a squalid basement flat in Reykjavik, the latter a case to which dogged detective Erlendu is assigned. His investigation, at times, takes him back to crimes thirty years in the past and into a sordid Icelandic underbelly of deprived urban estates, impoverished rural communities, marital infidelity and drug addiction. An atmospheric, genuinely different, murder investigation/puzzle with some truly left find out more...
No Image for JITTERS
JITTERS (2011)
Certification12 Our Rating

Like an Icelandic Skins, Jitters focuses on the story of a group of teens as they enter young adulthood, and in particular the gay romance blossoming between the uptight teen Gabriel and free-spirited Marcus. Slowly family and friends notice a change in handsome Gabriel, who realises his homosexuality but decides to keep it a secret; though with the parties, e find out more...

No Image for LAMB
LAMB (2021)
Certification15 Our Rating

Haunted by the indelible mark of loss and silent grief, sad-eyed María and her taciturn husband, Ingvar, seek solace in back-breaking work and the demanding schedule at their sheep farm in the remote, harsh, wind-swept landscapes of mountainous Iceland. Then, with their relationship hanging on by a thread, something unexplainable happens, and just like that, happiness blesses the couple's grim household once more. Now, as a painful ending gives birth to a new beginning, Ingvar's troubl find out more...

No Image for NOI ALBINOI
Certification15 Our Rating
Noi is not your average teenager, but then neither are his surroundings. Trapped in a small town by the harsh environment of Iceland's snow swept hinterland the young lad dreams of escape, but his eccentric and relentlessly disastrous attempts to break away only enforce the community's suspiscions that he's not just weird, but simple. Noi Albinoi is a deliciously idiosyncratic tale that revolves around one of the most likeably sympathetic characters in recent cinema; a cool, intelligent, witty a find out more...
No Image for RAMS
RAMS (2015)
Certification12 Our Rating

In a remote Icelandic farming valley, two brothers who haven't spoken in 40 years have to come together in order to save what's dearest to them - their sheep.

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Certification15 Our Rating

An Icelandic crime thriller with the gloss stripped away - leaving a bleak, sad and despairing narrative - director Oskar Jonasson's Reykjavik-Rotterdam ho find out more...

No Image for THE COUNTY
Certification12 Our Rating

A widowed farmer begins a new life on her own terms by fighting against corruption and injustice in her community.

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No Image for THE DEEP
THE DEEP (2012)
Certification12 Our Rating

Gulli is a giant of a man. Only the day before he and his crew set out for a catch he protects his newly-recruited cook during a brawl and is well accustomed to the tough life of a fisherman. However, when an accident involving a snagged net causes the ship to sink in the biting cold of the North Atlantic, Gulli faces the most daunting challenge of his life. The lone survivor of the incident, he will have to draw upon unforeseen stores of courage, energy and resolve if he is to find his way t find out more...

No Image for WOMAN AT WAR
Certification12 Our Rating

Halla becomes a determined environmental activist, but this threatens a long-held hope of hers.

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