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No Image for ABHIMAAN
CertificationU Our Rating
Amitabh Bachchan plays Subeer, a pop singer who dominates India's music scene. He meets Uma, a country girl with a beautiful singing voice, and brings her back to the city to make her a star. However, as Uma's career begins to eclipse Subeer's their relationship becomes increasingly tense. Lots of melodrama, lots of music, nice. find out more...
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ASOKA (2000)
Certification12 Our Rating
Emperor Asoka was ruler of Magadha in the 3rd century BC and after waging a savage war on the neighbouring kingdom of Kalinga he finally witnesses the consequences of his actions, a dreadful reality that causes him to renounce his war like ways and dedicate himself to spreading the teachings of Buddha. Asoka is by no means historically accurate but it is a lush and fascinating epic. find out more...
No Image for BAGHBAN
BAGHBAN (2003)
CertificationPG Our Rating
Raj Malhotra and his wife have devoted their life to their four sons, but on taking retirement Raj discovers to his deep regret that his, now adult, sons have no intention of returning his sacrifices. Baghban is a dramatic tale of the tenuous and sometimes fair weather nature of family love. The misguided expectations of our elders, and the grudging acknowledgement of their young. find out more...
Certification18 Our Rating
Based on the true tale of Phoolan Devi, a lower caste girl sold into marriage as a child, raped by her husband and forever abused by members of higher castes, until she flees to join the male-dominated world of the bandits, becomes their leader and a political heroine for the masses. Superb/watch. find out more...
No Image for DEVDAS
DEVDAS (2002)
CertificationPG Our Rating
Devdas is a man destroyed by an act of lustful weakness that parts him from his true love forever (of course if she'd done it she'd just be slapper and he'd eventually get over his grief and find an even truer love). Only the arrival of sweet death will bring him his release and Devdas asks only that he can see Paro, the light of his life, before he departs the mortal world. 'Devdas' is a lush Bollywood epic; hugely enjoyable and so chocolate box sentimental if you ate one you'd probably die fro find out more...
No Image for EARTH
EARTH (1998)
Certification15 Our Rating
Lenny is an eight-year-old Parsee living a life of idyllic privilege when the 1947 partition of India and creation of Moslem Pakistan bring her happy world to an abrupt and tragic halt. Seen through the young girl's eyes, ‘Earth' is a powerful and moving observation of the painful and bloody consequence of Britain's ineffective handover and a chilling exploration of how ordinary people are sucked into religious and sectarian hatred. Adapted from Bapsi Sidhwa's novel ‘ Cracking India'. find out more...
No Image for GHAJINI
GHAJINI (2008)
Certification15 Our Rating

A short-term memory loss patient sets out on his journey to avenge the death of his beloved girl. The highest grossing film in history of Indian cinema. Hopefully Christopher Nolan (Memento, 2000) got a royalty check.

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Certification12 Our Rating

Faced with his father's untimely and bizarre demand to go and die in the holy city of Varanasi and attain Salvation, a son is left with no choice but to embark on this journey.

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No Image for HUM TUM
HUM TUM (2004)
CertificationPG Our Rating
Karan is a cartoonist, and he uses his animated creations Hum and Tum to share his own particular observations concerning the battle of the sexes. Rhea is a confident and forthright young woman, and over the course of ten years the two drift from indifference to respect, friendship and eventually courtship. Hum Tum is a light hearted (and very western) musical, romantic comedy from the infinite Bollywood stable. find out more...
No Image for I FOR INDIA
Certification12 Our Rating
In 1965 Yash Pal Suri left India for the UK and on his arrival in England he bought two Super-8 cameras, two projectors and two reel to reel recorders. One set of equipment he sent to his family in India, the other he kept for himself and for 40 years he used it to share his new life abroad with those back home - images of snow, miniskirted ladies dancing bare-legged, the first trip to an English supermarket - his taped thoughts and observations. Back in India Yash's relatives responded with the find out more...
CertificationU Our Rating
Amit, a young poet, and Pooja, a beautiful girl, are star-crossed lovers in this Bollywood flick. She agrees to her arranged marriage, despite the couple's dreams of a future together. He also marries some one else yet thoughts of his imaginary life with Pooja still haunt him. Moving on to the next generation, the couple are reunited through the love of their children. This is a love story that crosses two generations. find out more...
CertificationPG Our Rating
A rip-roaring musical, this is great fun and delivers everything it sets out to do. A celebration of life, love and family, it features stylishly choreographed dance numbers and lovely performances from Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan. Rohul is the adopted heir to a Delhi business empire and totally loyal to his family until he falls for a girl whom his father does not approve. This rebellious love affair tears the famliy apart and it takes three of the youths to club together to try and reuntite the find out more...
No Image for KAL HO NAA HO
Certification12 Our Rating
Naina is not a happy young woman; the joys of her youth are passing her by as she struggles to remain responsible to her family. When Aman enters their small Indian enclave in New York everyone is uplifted by his bright, helpful and optimistic presence, except Naina. Kal Ho Naa Ho is a modern Romantic drama from Bollywood, not a revelation for Western cinema but an enjoyable and sweet natured tale. find out more...
No Image for KRRISH
KRRISH (2006)
Certification12 Our Rating
Krishna is born with magical powers, but when Priya enters his life he willing follows her to Singapore and presumes to give up his super human gifts. Unfortunately as is so often the way a mad scientist bent on world domination enters the scene and Krishna must become Krrish in order to thwart him. Good, if ridiculous, Asian comic strip adventure. find out more...
No Image for LAGAAN
LAGAAN (2001)
CertificationPG Our Rating
Central India 1893, and the villagers of Champaner have just been informed by the local British commander that the enforced tax (Lagaan) is to be doubled. One young man stands up to colonial authority, pleading that any increase will cripple the community, and the nasty Brit in charge gives him one option, win a game of cricket, which the Indians have never before played, against the colonials and the tax will be scrapped, lose, and it will be tripled. Will the village cripple, the last man in, find out more...
No Image for LUNCHBOX
Certification12 Our Rating

Saajan, a Mumbai office worker nearing retirement is delivered the wrong lunch by a dabbawala. Young housewife Ila had intended it for her emotionally indifferent husband. To Saajan's surprise, the food is a vast improvement on his usual meal. When he finds a note from Ila enclosed with another meal, he decides to write back. So begins Ritesh Batra's exquisite comedy drama.

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Certification12 Our Rating

Gemma Atwal's dynamic epic follows four-year-old Budhia, rescued from poverty by Biranchi Das, a larger-than-life judo coach and operator of an orphanage f find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

At the stroke of midnight on August 15, 1947, as India proclaims independence from Great Britain, two newborn babies are switched by a nurse in a Bombay hospital. Saleem Sinai, the illegitimate son of a poor woman, and Shiva, the offspring of a wealthy couple, are fated to live the destiny meant for each other. Their lives become mysteriously intertwined and are inextricably linked to India’s whirlwind journey of triumphs and disasters. A visually ravishing if slightly disappointing ada find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating
Young Altaaf finds himself alone in the world after a raid by the state police leaves his family dead. Moved by the boy's tragedy the officer in charge of the raid decides to adopt Altaaf but when the lad finds out that his new father is responsible for the death of his real parents he becomes consumed with rage and the need for revenge. Mission Kashmir is action adventure Bollywood style, full of brooding looks, huge guns, terrible lines and a bit of song and dance. Hugely entertaining...but aw find out more...
Certification15 Our Rating
The Vermas are preparing for an arranged wedding in the sweltering heat of New Delhi and tensions are running high... very high. The father has worked himself into a state of near apoplexy and like the coming rains, it is clear that both family and friends are preparing for a momentous if unintended out pouring. 'Monsoon Wedding' is a deliciously raucous and bawdy affair, hilarious, farcical and thoughtful it's well worth sharing in the chaos. find out more...