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Certification15 Our Rating
After being attacked and robbed one night in Kuala Lumpur, Hsiao Kang, a homeless Chinese man, is rescued and taken in by some itinerant workers. One of them, Rawang, lets him share his old mattress that he found on the street. Later, when Chyi, a waitress at a coffee shop meets Hsiao Kang, she is filled with lustful desire. As Hsiao Kang slowly recovers, he finds himself caught between Rawang, Chyi and her female boss; but as a heavy haze descends on the city these men and women and the old mat find out more...
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Certification15 Our Rating
Hou Hsiao-Hsien's Three Times is a lyrical exploration on three different expressions of love, unfulfilled, mercenary, meaningless, set in different eras; 1966, 1911 and 2005. Shu Qi and Chang Chen play different characters in each period and explore the central theme of Hsien's work in different circumstances. Episode 1 1966, Kaohsiung - A Time For Love ('Lian'ai meng'), a soldier searches for a young woman he met one afternoon playing pool. Episode 2 1911, Dadaocheng - A Time For Freedom (`Ziy find out more...