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No Image for 3 IRON
3 IRON (2004)
Certification15 Our Rating
Tae-suk is never short of a place to stay, and every place provides a revelation, none more so than the house of a rich business man. Tae-suk enters the homes of strangers while they are away, stays for a short time, leaves the place immaculate and then moves on, but in this house he discovers Sun-hwa, the abused wife of its owner and in a break from his solitary existence Tae-suk decides to take her with him. 3 Iron is a ravishing tale of romance in both its execution and imagery. Tender, restr find out more...
Certification18 Our Rating
Coining the new term 'action noir' in Korea, director Kim Ji-woon follows up his extraordinary features A Quiet Family and A Tale Of Two Sisters with this blackly comic thriller. Lee Byeong-heon stars as sartorially elegant Sun-woo, a unique character with a curious lifestyle - he's not only the proprietor of a hotel bar but also the right-hand man to the powerful gang leader, Mr Kang. When Kang suspects that his beautiful young mistress Hee-soo might be messing around with another man, he enlis find out more...
Certification15 Our Rating
Two sisters, Su-mi and Su-yeon, return from a stay in a psychiatric hospital to the home they share with their father and wicked stepmother. Disturbing and inexplicable events soon begin to occur, strange noises, hallucinations, disembodied footsteps on the stairs all combine to stretch tensions within this already volatile family unit to breaking point. Are these phenomena a product of the sisters' disturbed minds, is it their stepmother cruelly tormenting them or could there be something more find out more...
No Image for ADDICTED
Certification12 Our Rating
Dae-jin and his brother Ho-jin are as close as brothers can be. Hurriedly on the way to the car race in which his brother is competing, Ho-jin is killed while, simultaneously, Dae-jin is critically injured in a track incident. After waking up from a long coma Dae-jin unerringly takes on the entire habits as well as the looks of his worshipped brother. Matters escalate after he falls into an addictive tryst with Ho-jin's wife that goes far beyond a brother and sister-in-law relationship... find out more...
Certification18 Our Rating
Kim Ki-Duk remains one of the world's most enigmatic directors, whether you love or hate all of his films, or just some of them, you can only but admire their audacity. Animals, and how they are treated, remain important symbols, perverted sex, mutilation and violence again play their part, but as art? And love appears to be an unobtainable need, hence the title - unwanted here please return to sender. Arthouse stuff this. find out more...
No Image for BAD GUY
BAD GUY (2001)
Certification18 Our Rating
Taking place in modern day Korea, a mobster spots a young student in a crowd and is instantly smitten. Consumed by his desire the man traps the girl into prostitution and watches lustily as she is physically degraded and abused. As time progresses and the young woman becomes accustomed to the cards life has unexpectedly dealt her so the relationship between master and servant slowly begins to turn, morphing into a dark and doomed tale of love. Bad Guy is an explicit and violent journey, emotiona find out more...
Certification12 Our Rating
Aliens have invaded Earth and they’ve understandably decided to focus a substantial amount of their fire power on the home of Hollywood. As America burns it’s left to a rag tag group of Marines to pull out survivors, and generally save the day, in-between dying pretty God damn heroically. OK so Battle: Los Angeles is generic to a tee and some of the dialogue is excruciating, but this is a crackingly relentless action movie, and if it wasn’t as preposterous as it is, it probably wouldn’t be as mu find out more...
Certification15 Our Rating
A beautifully rendered historical epic about love and honour, which follows the tortured path of Jinha, his quest to become a master swordsman and his journey to find his true love, Sullie. In the spirit of "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" and "House of Flying Daggers", Bichunmoo is an exquisite martial arts drama. find out more...
Certification18 Our Rating
No Image for BROKER
BROKER (2022)
Certification12 Our Rating

On a rainy night in Busan, So-young (Lee 'IU' Ji-eun) leaves her baby outside a 'baby box', a safe place set up in Korean churches for new mothers to leave unwanted infants. Instead, he's picked up by Sang-hyun (Song Kang-ho) who runs an unofficial adoption brokerage and plans to find him a new home. So-young tracks down both Sang-hyun and his business partner (Gang Dong-won) and decides to join their pur find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating
Two brothers, in itself a metaphor, get drafted into the Korean Civil War. The more macho elder one is determined to become a hero in order to win his bookish brother a ticket back to mum and this leads both to him turning into a monster and a serious split between the two. Against the bitter backdrop of a violent war many loyalties are called into question, to brother, family, friend, nation, ideology, nationality and to fellow soldiers, and many are betrayed. This is an awesome, if emotionally find out more...
No Image for BURNING
BURNING (2018)
Certification15 Our Rating

Jong-su bumps into a girl who used to live in the same neighborhood as him, who asks him to look after her cat while on a trip to Africa. When back, she introduces Ben, a mysterious guy she met there, who confesses his secret hobby. 

find out more...
No Image for CAMP 14
CAMP 14 (2012)
Certification12 Our Rating

Shin Dong-Huyk was born as a political prisoner in a North Korean re-education camp from where no-one leaves alive. Forced to labor in the mines from the age of 6 years he suffered from beatings, torture and permanent hunger, always at the mercy of the wardens and unaware of a life outside the barbed-wire fences. At the age of 23, encouraged by a recently interned work-mate and in order to find out what meat tasted like, he escaped. Staggered by the clothes and freedom he saw that other North find out more...

No Image for CRYING FIST
Certification12 Our Rating
Sang-hwan's rebellious criminal behaviour finally lands him in juvenile prison. There, at what seems to be the lowest moment in his young life, a guard turns him towards boxing in the hope of safely channelling his rage at the world. find out more...
Certification18 Our Rating

What happens when an object of suspicion becomes a case of obsession? Winner of Best Director at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, Park Chan-wook (Oldboy, The Handmaiden) returns with a seductive romantic thriller that takes his renowned stylistic flair to dizzying new heights. From a mountain peak in South Korea, a man plummets to his death. Did he jump, or was he pushed? When detective Hae-joon (Park Hae-i find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating
Saved from a group of drifters by Kim Byung-moon uncouth and self-taught painter Jang Seung-up offers a drawing as a means of thanks. Examining the picture, Kim realises Jang's extraordinary potential and becomes his mentor, encouraging him to pursue the life of an artist. find out more...
No Image for GREEN FISH
Certification15 Our Rating
A soldier returns home from his tour of duty only to find that many things have changed in his small town. Rootless, he joins up with a local triad boss and his mistress, who seem like the ideal new family, but all will not end well in this critique of Korean society. "Lee's sense of his characters as unwitting victims of the moral/economic/architectural climate they live in is anchored in brilliantly judged imagery and in an acute sensitivity to ambiguities of mood and feeling." Trivia; Lee Cha find out more...
No Image for I SAW THE DEVIL
Certification12 Our Rating
A psychotic serial killer is on the loose, committing some of the most diabolical crimes the police have ever witnessed. But, when the fiancée of an elite special agent becomes one of his victims, a personal investigation becomes a merciless and brutal game of vengeance. As one violent encounter leads to another it becomes increasingly unclear who is the more disturbed.
'I Saw The Devil' is a dark and hypnotically twisted thriller from one of the masters of Korean cinema, Kim Ji-Woon. find out more...
No Image for I'M A CYBORG
Certification15 Our Rating
Production-line drone Young-goon spends her days assembling transistor radios before deciding she is a cyborg who can recharge herself from the mains (ouch). Locked away in a mental hospital she meets fellow inmate Il-soon, who steals other inmates' personality traits, believes he is fading away and will one day turn into a dot. With Young-goon refusing to eat, Il-soon decides it's his job to get her on her feet again. This charming, tender, surreal and visually arresting tale is yet another und find out more...
Certification15 Our Rating
A former policeman, haunted by the death of his ex-partner, takes a job as a security guard in a department store where a number of mysterious deaths have occurred. His investigation forces him to confront his own fears and the uncanny link between mirrors and the other side. Atmospheric, thought-provoking and stylishly presented. find out more...