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  • Thailand.Hong Kong.
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  • Cantonese.
THE EYE (2002)
(Jian Gui)
Mun has been without sight since she was a young child so, when the opportunity for a transplant that will restore her vision arises, she leaps at the chance. At first the surgery appears to have been a success, but it soon becomes horrifyingly clear that all is not as it seems, particularly when she becomes aware that the image of herself that she now sees is not her at all. Mun becomes obsessed with the need to find out whose eyes it is she now sees with, but the truth is a horror beyond her most vivid nightmares. The Eye is a creepy and disturbing horror movie that, like the Ring trilogy, relies heavily on pointing our imagination in the right direction and then encouraging it to run riot....effectively depriving me of a good night's sleep.
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