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Episodes 5; Cooper and company have tea with the Log Lady, who tells them there was a third man following after Leo and Jacques the night Laura died. At Jacques Renault's cabin Cooper, Hawk, and Truman find Waldo the bird, which not only attacked Laura the night she died but can also talk. Cooper finds a broken poker chip from One Eyed Jacks, Hank returns home to Norma and the Briggs family visit Dr Jacoby. Audrey takes a job at the perfume counter where Laura and Ronette worked, Shelly takes her revenge on Leo and Audrey has a surprise for Agent Cooper. Episode 6; Audrey cons her way into working at the perfume counter, where Laura worked, and discovers that it's being used as a recruitment post for One Eyed Jack's. James, Donna and Maddy plan to lure Jacoby away from his office, Cooper and Big Ed go under cover at One Eyed Jack's, Nadine's drape runners are rejected, Truman asks for Cooper's help regarding Josie's fears about the Mill, Leo sets his sights on Bobby Briggs and Waldo the Bird, Bobby sets up James Hurley and Ben and Josie decide to double cross Catherine. Episode 7; Audrey is hired at One Eyed Jack's, but is caught in a trap when her father arrives, Cooper gets Jacques Renault to reveal the details of Laura's last night in the cabin, Deputy Andy saves Truman's life and apprehends Renault. Lucy has a surprise for Andy, Dr Jacoby is attacked in the park, James, Donna and Maddy find Laura's last tape and retrieve the necklace. Cooper finds the coke planted in James's bike, Leo traps Shelly in the mill and sets it on fire, Hank lures Catherine to the burning mill, then goes after Leo, Nadine overdoses on sleeping pills, Leland Palmer takes revenge and Cooper, arriving back at the Great Northern Hotel, is shot three times.
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