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  • DVD=98 min.
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  • Japan.
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  • Japanese.
(Honogurai mizu no soko kara)
Yoshimi is in the middle of an ugly divorce and a battle to retain custody of her infant daughter. Forced to find a new place to live, they move into a dank and decrepit block of flats where Yoshimi finds her efforts to start afresh and prove herself a healthy, fit and stable parent tested by the increasingly damp conditions, and repeated but well timed apparitions of a ghostly child in a yellow raincoat. Dark Waters uses the gloomy grey corridors and dampness of the surroundings to create an atmospheric slice of suspense, with knowing nods in the direction of The Shining and Don't Look Now. The whole is flawed by a tendency to dwell a little too long during key dramatic moments, and a climax that some will have predicted but those who enjoyed the chilling charms of Ring will not be disappointed.
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