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  • 11419
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  • DVD=172 min.
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  • Denmark.Sweden.
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  • English.
Grace is on the run, and in the small backwater town of Dogville it would seem she has found some safety. But the town's inhabitants are not so understanding when the Mob turn up looking for the errant outsider and as Grace's former saviours begin to turn against her she sets in motion a string of events that may leave the townsfolk of Dogville rueing the day she ever entered their lives. Dogville is the latest from the master of mainstream experimental, Lars Von Trier, a dark, hypnotic, visually ravishing tale - despite the lack of conventional sets, or indeed conventions as a whole. Breathtakingly relevant to the world we live in and its increasing moral ambiguity, the film addresses the concept of Western spiritual progress and its bankrupt home in the good ol' US of A... or not. Beautiful. "If God made a movie...it would be Dogville." - David Taylor.
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