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  • DVD=86 min.
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  • Tajikistan.
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  • Tajik.
Hamro has spent a decade residing in a Moscow prison and upon his release he returns to his hometown in the former Soviet republic of Tajikistan. The only thing that brought Hamro back is his now dying mother, and while at first he sees her imminent death as an opportunity to relieve himself of his debts and alleviate pressure from the local kingpin, Hamro slowly begins to realise that his mother is the only thing he has of any real worth. Creating a story around the Islamo-Christian belief that we all have an angel sitting on each shoulder recording what good and bad deeds we commit, 'Angel On My Right' is a powerful and atmospheric drama, rich in imagery and humanity, which provides a fascinating insight into a world that many of us here in the West know little about.
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