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  • Thailand.
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  • Thai.
ONG-BAK (2003)
Young Ting is a gifted master of Muay Thai and adored by his village, but when the village's sacred Buddha is robbed of its head he volunteers to head off to Bangkok to regain it. Enlisting the help of a comical, but morally dubious, former fellow villager.......well that's quite enough plot. The stunts in the first chase, running through the streets of Bangkok, are truly awesome, and the tuk-tuk chase scene is a hilarious variety on the Hollywood car chase. The film is often very funny but it's truly at it's best in the fight scenes, and if that's what yer really after......my, my, my, they're cracking. No CGI, no wire work, not even stunt doubles, the action in Ong-Bak is breathtaking, a beautifully choreographed, bone-crunching ballet that's simply impossible not to enjoy. Simple genius.
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