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Sylvia Stickles hates sex. That is, until she gets whacked in the head with a lawnmower handle and is concussed. As it turns out, when we are accidentally concussed we are more susceptable to be lead by our libidoes...or so we are to believe in this weird and loony flick from the master of the depraved and absurd, John Waters. As Sylvia is befriended by Ray Ray, the sexual saint, she rekindles her relationship with her criminally indecent daughter Caprice aka Ursula Udders and embarrasses her mother, Big Ethel, who's started organizing decency protests at the Pinewood Park and Pay. An ode to sexual liberation, A Dirty Shame is a bizarre, brazen and baroque flick which lacks some of the subtlety and darkness we've come to love in Waters' work but still contains the quirk and colour lacking in most mainstream comedies.
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