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  • 12766
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  • DVD=87 min.
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  • Czech Republic.
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  • Czech.
(Cesky Sen)
Filip Remunda and Vit Klusak are film students who hit on the genius plan to create a fictitious hyper market that sells everything for a bargain, and in doing so outline peoples gullibility and predilection towards capitalist consumerism. What these two slightly naïve young men hadn't expected was the immense turn out for their non existent shop and the murderous wrath their ‘hoax' induced in the expectant consumer, a post communist people who'd embraced consumerism to their bosom like a long lost child. Czech Dream is a hilariously depressing observation of the developed worlds insidious grasp, first and foremost though it's very funny and lets not forget, it could so easily have been a documentary about the gruesome murder of two mischievous media graduates at the hands of a rampaging mob.
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