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  • 13052
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  • DVD=77 min.
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  • Ireland.
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  • English.
An all Irish production that stars the impish Samantha Mumba as Jessica, a school girl whose best friend, Nathan, secretly harbours romantic intentions towards her. When an attempt to express his true feelings fails Nathan hits the bottle and winds up hanging himself - as you do - but luckily for Nathan his mother finds an ancient book on voodoo in their local church - as you do - and sets about resurrecting her love-struck son. Unfortunately for Nathan and rest of the sleepy Irish community he lives in the spell goes slightly awry and soon the school disco is over-run with flesh eating zombies and it's up to Nathan to fight his hunger and save the girl he loves. Borrowing from previous undead outings like 'Shaun of the Dead' and 'Braindead', 'Boy Eats Girl' has it's tongue firmly in it's cheek and has a certain provincial charm but it lacks much of the originality and intelligence that spawned the rom-zom-com genre - although at a pacey 77 minutes you don't have time to get bored.
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