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  • Czech Republic.
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  • Czech.
A 16-year-old boy with an angelic face and a freshly stolen jacket arrives at the main train station in Prague. He's immediately spotted by a man named Honza, who asks him if he wants to earn some quick cash. The boy is too na´ve to realise that he's being set up as a prostitute. Honza drugs him and delivers him to his first trick. The boy wakes in the room of a homosexual client who has just had sex with him. Shaken, he takes his payment from the man and returns to the train station where Honza demands his cut. 'Mandragora' is Wiktor Grodecki's compelling dramatisation of his documentaries 'Not Angels But Angels' and 'Body Without Soul'. It is a disturbing and graphic portrayal of teenage boys struggling to survive in the ruthless world of sex, drugs, teenage prostitution and pornography.
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