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McLIBEL (2005)
When THE fast food chain issued a libel action against activists Helen Steel and Dave Morris in 1990, demanding an apology for allegations they had made in a leaflet, the corporate giant didn't expect the pair to not only refuse to apologise, but to actually invite McBully to bring it on. Absolutely nobody expected it to take 15 years and a victory for the pair at the European Court of Human Rights for the case to come to an end. Here the whole story is told with the requisite amount of humour and drama through courtroom reconstructions directed by Ken Loach and interviews with Morris, Steel and their supporters, plus various McMonkeys.Depending on your feelings regarding modern commerce and the consumer, cynical marketing directly to children, environmental issues, employee rights and animal welfare this movie may be inspirational. It's definitely never less than fascinating. What a lovely change to see something bearing the Mc prefix that is actually good for the heart.
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